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Presentation of office and warehouse complex «East Gate»

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“MFSK-Group” company executes a regional project of industrial-logistic complex

“Vostochnie vorota” (East gate) in Ekaterinburg city.

Total building area — 6,4 hectares.

Address of the object:

Chistopolskaya st. 6 (Dubler Sibirskogo trakta (Double of Siberian highway), between micro-districts Sinie Kamni (Blue Rocks) and ZhBI (Concrete Products), Ekaterinburg, Russia.


Economic and geographical location of the Urals region

The Urals region is the biggest economic and industrial region between Europe and Asia, international importer and exporter of goods and services. Lots of main traffic arteries, which cross the whole territory of Russia from west borders to Pacific ocean, lay across the Urals.

Demographic characteristics of the Urals region

Population size of the Urals economic region is 20 mln. 400 th. people. 3/4 of the Urals population lives in cities and urban settlements. There are 150 cities and 256 urban settlements in the Urals, and the greatest number of cities with population size of more than 1 mln people (1/3 of all such cities in Russia).

Ekaterinburg is the capital of the Urals

Ekaterinburg is the administrative center of Sverdlovskaya region, the fourth city in Russia under population size. Ekaterinburg is the biggest transport and logistics junction of the Trans-Siberian Railway, which successfully combines air, railway and car communication lines, Ekaterinburg is a credit and financial, service, cultural, scientific and educational center of the Urals region, which has status of center of the Urals federal region. By January 1, 2012 population size of the Urals capital was 1 million 386,5 thousand people.

Trade industry characteristics of Ekaterinburg city

Trade and services field of Ekaterinburg city is one of the most developed in Russia. 2004-2010 — increase in retail distribution network by 671 enterprises.

– increase in volume of commercial premises by 860,6 th. m²

– increase in commercial premises provision per 1000 people – in 2,8 times.

City strategic project “Trade junctions of Ekaterinburg”

In the Urals capital on base of the strategic project there was formed the system of trade junctions, which includes 69 territories of intensive development of enterprises of trade, catering, entertainment and services. Project objective – formation of the system of trade junctions, which will be convenient for citizens and visitors of the Urals capital, with optimal, balanced development of modern enterprises of trade, catering, entertainment and services, which provides the fullest satisfaction of population needs for trade services organization.

Industrial-logistic complex “Vostochnie vorota” (East gate) and future business center “Compass” territorially form a part of one of the biggest trade junctions of Ekaterinburg, which includes cash-and-carry trade center “Metro”, building hypermarket “StroiArsenal”, business centre “Sibirsky trakt” (Siberian highway) and trade-entertaining complex “KomsoMall”.

Object location

  • in South-East part of Ekaterinburg city, between micro-districts Sinie Kamni (Blue Rocks) and ZhBI (Concrete Products), with population size of 200 – 250 th. people.
  • in immediate proximity from busy motorway – Dubler Sibirskogo trakta (Double of Siberian highway) with convenient interchanges and exits to the federal highways (direction — Tyumen, Chelyabinsk);
  • in 10 minutes’ journey from international airport “Koltsovo”;
  • in 600 meters from railway station.

You will estimate at your true worth the convenient location of the complex “Vostochnie vorota” (East gate) in the dynamically developing district of the city, which is open forinvestments.

Characteristics and advantages of the project:

19 detached buildings (storage, industrial, domestic, office and auxiliary premises).

Total building area – 6,4 hectares. Of those under structures – 18158 m². Area of highways and grounds – 476 143 m².

The communications include:

  • modern utilities;
  • municipal heating with own heat substation, equipped with electronic device for heat;
  • consumption accounting;
  • municipal water supply of the complex with cold and hot water is executed under the contract with Municipal Unitary Enterprise “Vodokonal”, water disposal – through general sewage system of Gorvodokonal. The pumping station is equipped with water consumption accounting system.
  • project electric power up to 1,3 MW, provided by own transforming station (of 2 transformers). All the complex buildings and premises are supplied with electricity.

Buildings and structures

  • 9-storeyed office building (1992 year of construction, total area – 4661 m²): 1 storey – cafe, dining hall, 2-9 storeys – administrative and domestic premises;
  • 2-storeyed office building (total area – 1200 m²);
  • Heated storage facilities (1989-1994 year of construction, total area – 10 000 m²);
  • Office facilities: heat substation, electric substation, accumulator station, control room, stalls of garage, etc.


  • professional Management company
  • round-the-clock protection: video surveillance, access control, patrolling with involvement of patrol dogs
  • convenient traffic management on the territory of the object
  • parking for cars and trucks, parking for heavy transport
  • presence of special machinery: hoisting crane for handling operations, metal pipes and  structural angles cutter, etc.

About the company-developer

Main activities of “MFSK-Group” Ltd.:

  • Development
  • construction
  • upkeep of office-storage, trade-logistic complexes and trade objects in Ekaterinburg city.
  • The company’s competence covers selection of ground areas,
  • obtaining of titling and licensing documents, marketing substantiation study and development of the project concept,
  • attraction of financing,
  • commercial premises let on lease,
  • organization of project-management and operation.

“MFSK-Group” company is a team of professionals, who are aimed at result and ready to successfully meet the challenges of any complexity level


Trade-logistic complex “Vostochnie vorota” (East gate)
Chistopolskaya st. 6
Telephone: (343) 382-07-43